Chi-Rho Financial

Chi-Rho Financial is an alternative investment manager that offers comprehensive portfolio management, hedge fund solutions, and additional advisory services to a broad range of high net-worth individuals, advisors, and institutions. The firm aims to provide clients with a return stream that has a low correlation to traditional investments like stocks and bonds, preserve capital, and seek to achieve the best risk-adjusted rate of return.


Dunwoody Partners

Founded in September 2000 and revamped in January 2003, Dunwoody has historically delivered on its mandate to provide absolute returns, striving for lower volatility, minimal correlation to traditional assets, and less beta to broader equity indices. 


Stone Mountain Partners

Founded in January 2006, Stone Mountain offers an attractive alternative to offshore investors looking to complement their portfolios with diversified return streams while enjoying dampened volatility and low correlation to traditional markets.

Piedmont Partners

Piedmont Partners offers a personalized platform of hedge funds for investors to pick and choose funds that tailor to their individual goals. This approach is ideal for the investor who prefers to play a more active role in their portfolio management and is highly effective for advisors who are constructing portfolios for their clients.

Assets under management: $615 million (as of March 31, 2021)