Cerundolo Investment Research

Cerundolo Investment Research provides a unique technical approach to global equity markets and across all asset classes. The firm seeks to capture positive returns from global stocks regardless of market direction by highlighting the most attractive names while avoiding the most unattractive securities utilizing a systematic investment approach. Cerundolo provides a weekly report called “Technical Tuesday” which is primarily used as an all-encompassing research piece to keep portfolio managers abreast of current views on major world indices, a number of commodities and currencies.


  • Cerundolo Research operates with an investment philosophy that has been cultivated and honed over the past of Guy's three-decade career.

  • The strategy is driven primarily by combining three core group factors; Behavior bottom-up price, money flows, and non-price momentum.

  • The firm provides an overall intermediate to long-term view with specific targets generated by the Money Flow Units model.

  • The firm also ranks the constituents of these lists using our multi-factor model and highlights the most attractive and unattractive names.