Broyhill Asset Management

Broyhill Asset Management is a boutique investment company that seeks to provide attractive returns with a low probability of loss. It is a long-term investor keen to concentrate capital on the best ideas, ready to accept short-term underperformance in exchange for long-term success. By placing a margin of safety at the core of its investment process, Broyhill aims to achieve sustainable absolute returns and safeguard capital under various market conditions.


  • Broyhill believes the foundation for successful investment lies in the relationship between price and value.
  • Broyhill believes the price you pay is the most important determinant of long-term returns.
  • Broyhill believes the relationship between price and value can be distorted by cyclical, psychological, and technical factors in the short term.
  • Broyhill believes that exceptional returns are created by concentrated portfolios, as excellent ideas are few and far between.
  • Broyhill believes it is impossible to produce superior results without doing something materially different than consensus.