Blackmore Capital

Blackmore Capital is a private asset manager focused on S&P/ASX 200. The firm aims to generate long-term risk-adjusted returns by investing in companies that focus on generating high-quality earnings. Its investment process combines long periods of extensive research with an intense company visitation program. Blackmore operates in industries that exhibit favorable long-term growth prospects. It invests for the long term and does not speculate.

Blackmore constructs and manages each portfolio with eight consistent guiding principles:

  1. Grow capital and over the long term.
  2. Focus on the quality of company earnings.
  3. Identify quality assets at an attractive valuation.
  4. A vigilant process of portfolio risk analysis.
  5. Generate a suitable return on capital employed.
  6. Invest in companies operating in robust industry structures.
  7. Select for balance sheet latency and the sustainability of dividend income.
  8. A corporate governance structure that actively promotes alignment with key stakeholders.