Founding Date

BigchainDB empowers developers and enterprises with a scalable blockchain database to deploy blockchain proof-of-concept, platforms, and applications. It starts with a distributed database and then adds blockchain characteristics: decentralized control, immutability, and the ability to create and transfer assets. BigchainDB supports a broad range of industries and utilizes cases from identity and intellectual property to supply chains, energy, IoT, and financial ecosystems.



Decentralized control via a federation of voting nodes makes for a P2P network.


Write and run any MongoDB query to search the contents of all stored transactions, assets, metadata, and blocks. 


Once stored, data can’t be changed or deleted.

Native Support of Multiassets

With no native currency on BigchainDB, any asset, token or currency can be issued.

Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT)

Up to one-third of the nodes in the network can be experiencing arbitrary faults and the rest of the network will still come to a consensus on the next block.

Low Latency

A global network takes about a second to come to a consensus on a new block.


Design your own private network with custom assets, transactions, permissions, and transparency.

Rich Permissioning

Set permissions at transaction level to ensure a clear separation of duties and enforce selective access.

Open Source

Open-sourced to the community so that everyone can use it and build their own applications on top of it.

Public or Private

Roll out your own public or private networks for specific industry use cases.