Beaumont Capital Management

Beaumont Capital Management is a leading asset manager that offers strategies with inherent defensive capabilities to investment professionals, institutions, consultants, and retirement plans. It makes investment recommendations based on data-driven research, machine learning, and investment rules. Strategies seek to get defensive only when necessary by raising cash, allocating to different asset classes or geographies, and using other defensive mechanisms.

BCM Decathlon Moderate Fund

  • It is a global, multi-asset allocation Fund that seeks to provide capital appreciation and income while limiting volatility to a target range of between 7% and 12%. 
  • It uses pattern recognition technology (PRT), driven by machine learning, which seeks to identify and capitalize on these patterns in investor behavior.
  • The investment universe consists of ~130 long-only ETFs representing virtually every investable asset class, including most major sub-asset classes, industries, and most geographies.
  • The Fund is unconstrained and seeks non-correlated returns and opportunistic growth opportunities wherever they are present.