Ashmore Group

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Ashmore is a dedicated emerging markets investment manager offering a broad range of different equity, debt, and regional investment strategies. It employs an active management approach that has been tailored for more than two decades to help meet the requirements of Emerging Markets investing. Ashmore offers investors access to this promising asset class with the benefit of this disciplined approach.


External Debts

Emerging Markets External Debt consists primarily of dollar-denominated sovereign (government) and quasi-sovereign (government-sponsored) bonds.

Local Currency

Ashmore has been investing in Emerging Markets local currencies (FX) and local currency bonds since the mid-90s.

Corporate Debt

The strategy invests in debt instruments issued by public and private sector companies across a universe of 60-80 Emerging Markets countries.

Blended Debt

Blended Debt combines External Debt and Corporate Debt with Local Currency Debt and FX.


This strategy invests in equity and equity-related instruments within the Emerging Markets including global, regional, country, small-cap, and frontier opportunities.


The Alternatives theme seeks to provide investors with attractive returns across various investment strategies.


The Overlay theme seeks to provide investors with the ability to either actively or passively manage currency exposure across a fund or wider investment portfolio.


The Multi-Asset theme offers investors specialized, efficient, all-in-one access to a long-term strategic asset allocation across the full Emerging Markets (EM) investment universe.