Altis Partners

Altis Partners is a multi-award-winning investment manager which uses proprietary research to systematically manage futures portfolios. With over 20 years of regulated operational experience managing institutional assets, Altis offers investors liquid, transparent, and scalable products supported by a highly refined back-end infrastructure. The investment management firm utilizes future trading and hedge funds as well as various cryptocurrency investment products, built on proprietary research and disciplined risk management principles. Altis research-driven systematic approach to investment is designed to be scalable, secure, consistent, and reactive to changing market conditions.


  • A fully systematic global macro futures strategy that dynamically allocates both long and short exposures across futures markets.

  • The prediction indicators are based on persistent and well researched sources of expected alpha: trend, yield, and cross-asset valuation.

  • The program focuses on only the most liquid futures markets, thereby accessing the benefits of an active trading approach while keeping transaction costs to a minimum, even at large scale.


  • Altis Partners has a proven track record in creating a range of bespoke product solutions across Exchange Traded Derivatives.

  • It caters for your individual investment, risk, liquidity and return requirements as well as flexibility around required investment routes, whether that be Fund or Single Managed Account structuring.