Altana Wealth

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Altana Wealth is a leading hedge fund that focuses on credit, currency, and special situations. This fund manager centers on delivering alpha from niche strategies uncorrelated to other asset classes. Its main objective is to protect client assets, including your cash, by monitoring currency, counterparty, and custody risks.


Altana Cryptocurrency Trade Finance (ACTF BVI)

Altana has a proprietary algorithm, which automatically places funds based on the best available yield and maturity. This is a limited collateralized margin lending opportunity with potential for >20% gross returns with some tail risk.

Altana Digital Currency Fund (ADCF Cayman)

It invests in major cryptocurrencies in proportion to its global market capitalization. It can go long or short and hedge with puts.

Altana Corporate Bond Fund (ACBF UCITS)

By emphasizing capital preservation and controlled risk-taking, ACBF generates alpha by allocating to short-duration strategies and opportunistic allocations towards high yielding event-driven credit strategies.

Altana Currency Fund (ACF via db Select Investor Platform or Managed Account)

Discretionary strategy aiming to maximize low-risk returns from swings in exchange rates through a comprehensive evaluation of all factors that can influence price.

Public Sector Social Impact Fund  (PSSIF)

An onshore UK fund investing in social/ethical assets generating competitive market returns to its investors over a long a term horizon and secured against underlying real assets. PSSIF offers a transparent fee structure with no added front and back end fees.

Altana Distressed Opportunities Fund (ADOF SLP)

An event-driven credit strategy, that will typically have a low correlation to broader risk markets, ADOF aims to invest in a diversified portfolio of 15-20 positions targeting 12-15% yields.

Global Thematic Top Billion Fund (GTTBF UCITS)

GTTBF is fully invested at all times in companies in which the world’s top billionaires, as ranked by Forbes Magazine and Bloomberg, are founders or major shareholders. There are no geographical or market capitalization restrictions and the holdings will be held in large capitalization stocks. A dynamic option overlay is used to limit downside risk.

Altana Protective Alpha Strategy (APAS SLP)

APAS is a systematic option trading strategy designed to generate alpha whilst maintaining a significant negative correlation to the underlying index.