AGL Credit Management

AGL Credit Management is a registered investment advisor specializing in bank loan-based investment offerings. It offers a simple, lower-leveled stable return strategy that seeks to deliver reliable high single-digit returns in a safe and scalable structure, with a significant element of current return. AGL combines its differentiated credit risk investment model together with its expertise in structured credit to provide attractive fund products.


Stable Return Strategy

Absolute return strategy with robust, stable cash returns, even in stress scenarios.

CLO Strategies

AGL’s deep experience in the leveraged loan asset class and private side advantage position it to be a Tier 1 CLO manager.

Insurance Strategies

AGL offers a proprietary insurance product created specifically for the unique investment objectives of insurance companies.

Separately Managed Accounts

AGL offers separately managed accounts and customized portfolio solutions for institutional investors.

Secondary CLO Strategies

AGL offers opportunistic strategies to invest in CLO securities on a secondary basis.