AdvisorShares is an investment management firm offering actively managed ETFs. It offers a range of investment products designed to help investors reach their financial goals. The firm is driven by a unique set of characteristics that differentiates it from many in the financial services space: innovation, transparency, and diversification. The management team shares these values and seeks to provide the best products, based on these attributes, for all investors.


AdvisorShares offers a series of actively managed, thematic ETFs that seek to provide concentrated equity exposure to durable and innovative investment themes that can drive market trends and serve as alpha-seeking complements or satellite equity holdings to a broad-based equity allocation.


AdvisorShares offers a variety of actively managed equity ETFs that provide diversification across accomplished portfolio managers and domestic and international investment strategies.


AdvisorShares offers single actively managed ETF solutions that can allocate across multiple asset classes seeking to mitigate overall investment risk and can serve as a core total return position.


AdvisorShares offers a variety of actively managed fixed income ETFs which feature accomplished portfolio managers and different strategy types with varying exposures to yield, duration, and credit risks.