Acorn Management Partners

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Acorn Management Partners is a professional relations company that partners with public emerging growth companies and other publicly traded securities in today’s evolving markets by building shareholder bases through financial professionals. As the only company that has built a platform designed to replace lost retail support, AMP increases a client’s market awareness while decreasing liabilities. The firm’s model has proven itself over the past years, tracking every engagement with qualified brokers through every phase of IR engagement. AMP specializes in building a shareholder rich and professionally enhanced trading market for each client, unmatched by any other entity on Wall Street.

  • The AMP process has consistently delivered an increase in the number of shareholders, market capitalization, as well as the company’s funding opportunities and institutional ownership.

  • AMP has formed a database of over 400,000 licensed brokers ranging across the U.S. and from hundreds of broker dealers, firms and institutions.

  • Acorn makes over 3,000 outbound calls monthly to brokers and institutions in CRM on your company’s behalf explaining your investment thesis.

  • AMP uses a systematic 10-step methodology that keeps the financial professionals engaged in the progress of the company.

  • AMP's Professional Relations Program is designed to achieve a substantial increase in the shareholder base, and easier and lower access to capital in future.

  • Acorn Management's process driven approach to Professional Relation produces spectacular results for issuers.

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