3Fourteen Research

3Fourteen Research is an independent, next generation investment research firm that combines unique macro insights and rigorous data science. The firm also provides a weekly commentary highlighting key investment themes, actionable ideas, and updates on 3Fourteen's performance.


  1. Real Asset Allocation

  • Two-step process: Proprietary trend ranking + ML-based optimization.

  • Scale into and out of positions.

  • Built-in stop loss parameters to protect downside.

  • Stay diversified while overweighting the strongest assets.

  1. S&P 500 Drawdown Risk

  • Dozens of indicators synthesized to predict the risk of an +10% drawdown in the next month.

  • Four broad categories represented: Macro, Vol, Technicals, and Valuations.

  • Probabilistic approach: “Risk” is not binary.

  • Machine learning based predictions.

  1. Sector Rotation

  • Sector selection based on Trend, Flows, and Tactical ML.

  • Precise weights rebalanced monthly and benchmarked to the S&P 500.

  • Internal scorecard updated monthly.

  • Sector Scorecard x-rays the model and reveals internal drivers.

  1. Full-Cycle Trend Stock Selection

  • Top 20 stocks from the S&P 500.

  • New stocks added each month with turnover controls.

  • Quality forms the system's base.

  • Emphasis on finding the stocks that can outperform across the entire economic cycle.

  1. Yield Optimizer

  • 13 income assets including equities, bonds, REITs, and preferred stock.

  • Two-step process: Proprietary trend ranking + ML-based optimization.

  • Monthly rebalancing and performance tracking.

  • Create income in all interest rate environments.

  1. Core Real Asset Models

  • Core Models covering Crude Oil, Gold, and Bitcoin.

  • Each model is updated daily with component weightings.

  • Market expertise helps us select the correct indicators.

  • ML process allows us to combine and weigh appropriately.