13D Activist Fund

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The 13D Activist Fund is the first mutual fund to offer investors exposure to shareholder activism as its primary investment strategy. With a focus on 13D filings, the fund provides both individual and institutional investors diversified, liquid, and low-cost access to the most compelling activist investments in this asset class. It seeks to invest in 20 to 40 activist situations that will successfully lead to the realization of enhanced shareholder value.


  • The 13D Activist Fund is a long-only, event-driven fund that focuses on 13D filings.
  • It invests in companies that are the subject of the most compelling 13D filings of activist investors.
  • It focuses on 13D investments in companies of over $1 billion market capitalization.
  • It is spread among many top activists with different activist styles, strategies, and sector expertise, so the investor is not relying on the performance of a single portfolio manager.
  • It is a low-cost investment vehicle with daily liquidity and NAV transparency.
  • It seeks to give investors access to a successful strategy that has historically outperformed the markets and is not correlated to the overall markets.