GI Generation

Nick Name
The Greatest Generation
Parent term

Characterized by being the General Infantry in World War2

  • Born 1901 - 1924
  • Childhoods in WW1 and Roaring 20s
  • Adults during Great Depression & WW2
  • GI stands for "General Issue" (military equipment)
  • Was a generation of doers and builders - built tons of infrastructure in the US
    • Dams, Highways, Apollo Program, World Organizations, International Systems
  • Their parents (the lost generation) worked to protect them from drugs, violence, crime, etc.
  • Big supporters of the Democratic Party (empowered the government to make huge changes)
  • Physically taller than previous generations (better nutrition)
  • Famous Members
    • John Kennedy
    • Ronald Reagan
    • Walt Disney
    • Judy Garland
    • John Wayne
    • Walter Cronkite