The ZenInvestor Top 7

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ZenInvestor Top 7 features a trading strategy that uniquely combines fundamental and technical analysis. This factor-based trading system looks for undervalued stocks that are showing positive price momentum and improving analyst coverage. Similar to GARP, Top 7 prioritizes the reasonable price attribute first, then the growth attribute, and finally the consensus opinions of the top analysts in each stock. The goal is to catch healthy companies that have gone through a rough period and are now showing signs of making a comeback.

  • The ZenInvestor Top 7 produces 5-7 names, and rebalances every 4 weeks (13 times per year).

  • The service offers tangible moves, tutorials, quizzes, and courses to help every investor understand how to invest more wisely.

  • It also offers coaching and consulting services to help you improve your investment strategies.

  • In 2008, Erik Conley created with the goal of offering master skill training to anyone who was willing to work hard and follow instructions.

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