Why Wall Street Matters


If you like your smartphone or your widescreen TV, your car or your pension, then, whether you know it or not, you are a fan of Wall Street. Why Wall Street Matters is a timely, counterintuitive defense of Wall Street and the big banks as the invisible engines that power our ideas, and should be made to work better for all of us. This book serves as a trenchant reminder of the dire consequences for us all if the essential role these institutions play in making our lives better is carelessly curtailed.

Praise for Why Wall Street Matters

“Cohan writes with an insider’s knowledge of the workings of Wall Street, a reporter’s investigative instincts and a natural storyteller’s narrative command.”

The New York Times

“[Cohan is] one of our most able financial journalists.”

Los Angeles Times

“A former Wall Street man and a talented writer, [Cohan] has the rare gift not only of understanding the fiendishly complicated goings-on but also of being able to explain them in terms the lay reader can grasp.”

The Observer (London)