The Tesla Revolution

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The Tesla Revolution: Why Big Oil is Losing the Energy War

Within our lifetimes, we will see changes that will reshape economics, the balance of political power, and even the most mundane aspects of our daily lives. It shows how rapid technological advances combined with a growing political awareness that there are alternatives to fossil fuels will combine in the coming years to bring an energy revolution ever closer. The Tesla Revolution offers a layman's tour of the energy landscape, now and to come. Determinedly forward-looking and optimistic, though never straying from hard facts, The Tesla Revolution paints a striking picture of our global energy future.

Table of Contents

  • Prologue

  • Special Introduction

  • Chapter 1 – The Tesla Revolution

  • Chapter 2 – A History of Fossil Fuel Dominance

  • Chapter 3 – The Petrodollar and the Geopolitics of Oil

  • Chapter 4 – Peak Oil Revisited: The End of Cheap Oil

  • Chapter 5 – Climate Change and the World of Energy

  • Chapter 6 – What Will the Energy Mix of the Future Be?

  • Epilogue

  • Appendix

  • References Prologue

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