The Swing Trader's Bible

Full Name
The Swing Trade's Bible: Strategies to Profit from Market Volatility

The Swing Trader's Bible provides traders with different strategies to capitalize on market fluctuations. It explains how to use fundamental stock analysis and technical analysis to spot swing trading opportunities. This book also provides very specific techniques for entering and exiting the market, including channel analysis, momentum indicators, stock sector leaders/followers, market cycles, overbought/oversold indicators, trading volume, and money flows. The Swing Trader’s Bible explains how to swing trade by taking outright positions in stocks or by using various options strategies. Most of the book is devoted to swing trading using individual stocks, but it also explains swing trading opportunities in stock indexes and in exchange-traded funds.

"This book is an absolute must-read for novice swing traders and veteran traders alike. Matt McCall and Mark Whistler write with a combination of authority and simplicity that's so essential when learning how to navigate these precarious markets."

— Nicholas Collard,

"This book is great for Forex traders alike; the technical analysis in this book can be applied to all types of trading. As a professional trader I have been using the strategies described in this book with great success. Our Forex client base can certainly benefit from books like this."

Alex Nekritin, CEO,