The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism


The liberal media and propagandists masquerading as educators have filled the world with politically correct errors about capitalism and economics in general. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism cuts through all their nonsense, shattering liberal myths and fashionable socialist cliches to set the record straight. Breezy, witty, but always clear, precise, and elegantly reasoned, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism is a solid and entertaining guide to free-market economics.

This book dives fearlessly into hot topics like:

  • Outsourcing and zoning restrictions
  • Why central planning has never worked and never will
  • How prices operate in a free market
  • How labor unions actually hurt workers more than they help them
  • Why increasing the minimum wage is always a bad idea
  • Why the free market is the best guard against racism
  • How capitalism will save the environment
  • Raising taxes: why it is never responsible
  • Why no genuine advocate for the downtrodden could endorse the dehumanizing Welfare State
  • The single biggest myth underlying the public's support for government regulation of business
  • Antitrust suits: usually filed by firms that lose in free competition
  • How tariffs and other restrictions "protect" privileged workers but make other Americans poorer
  • The IMF and World Bank: why they don't help poor countries