The New Market Wizards

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The New Market Wizards: Conversations with America's Top Traders

The New Market Wizards provides exclusive interviews with the trading elites, asking the questions that everyone with an interest in the financial markets would love to know the answers. These absorbing interviews with star performers in the financial markets humanize the mechanics and psychology behind the trading world across a spectrum of financial markets. Although filled with insights that even professional traders will find valuable, The New Market Wizards remains entirely accessible to the general reader.

Praise for The New Market Wizards

"Jack Schwager simply writes the best books about trading I've ever read. These interviews always give me a lot to think about. If you like learning about traders and trading, you'll find that reading this book is time well spent."

Richard Dennis, President, The Dennis Trading Group, Inc.

"Jack Schwager's deep knowledge of the markets and his extensive network of personal contacts throughout the industry have set him apart as the definitive market chronicler of our age."

Ed Seykota

"Very interesting indeed!"

John Train, author of The Money Masters

"Successful trading demands longtime experience because it requires firsthand knowledge. If there is a shortcut to this requirement, however, it is in reading about the experiences of others. Jack Schwager's book provides that shortcut. If you find yourself sweating upon occasion as you read, then you're as close to the trading experience as you can get without actually doing it yourself."

Robert R. Prechter, Jr., editor, The Elliott Wave Theorist