The End of Indexing

Full Name
The End of Indexing: Six Structural Mega-Trends That Threaten Passive Investing

Index-tracking accounts for around one-third of the total US mutual fund market and is still growing rapidly. Indexing appears to be unstoppable. But The End of Indexing presents a different vision. In a forthright and compelling examination of the investment landscape, the author argues that the economic environment we are entering will be unsuited to index-tracking strategies. As a new investment approach is called for, The End of Indexing provides investors with a guide to the challenging environment ahead and a warning about the future decline of index-tracking.

The End of Indexing identifies six structural mega-trends that are set to disrupt investors around the globe:

  1. End of the debt super-cycle
  2. Retirement of the baby boomers
  3. Declining spending power of the middle classes
  4. Rise of the East
  5. Death of fossil fuels
  6. Mean reversion of wealth-to-GDP