The Easy VIX

The Easy VIX helps you take advantage of sequential daily trailing optimizations for the last 12 years. This algorithm is aimed at identifying cycles of risk-on/risk-off psychology early, as those cycles emerge. If you work to protect and build your portfolio, Easy VIX trading alerts can help you do it. If you're retired or near retirement and can't afford to lose your nest egg, or if you simply want to increase returns by avoiding downturns, follow the VIX futures curve for early warning signs.

The Easy VIX will help you:

  1. To avoid major drawdowns; The methodology does not avoid every 3% downturn, but it does provide warnings of major downturns. Worst-loss results are shown in the following table:
  2. To enhance returns; the larger returns are a natural consequence of compounding returns on the larger investment base available from drawdown protection.