The Complete CFO Handbook

Full Name
The Complete CFO Handbook: From Accounting to Accountability

The role of the CFO in business has expanded significantly in recent years as companies become more accountable to their stakeholders and regulators. Every CFO's desktop tool, The Complete CFO Handbook expertly provides financial executives with an extensive review of cost accounting as well as the background and tools for managing a company's financial functions. This must-have reference covers all of the major areas of cost accounting and analysis, including product costing, relevant costs, cost-volume analysis, performance evaluation, transfer pricing, and capital budgeting.

Filled with numerous examples, The Complete CFO Handbook lives up to its name and provides complete coverage of:

  • The CFO's role in company communications with company stakeholders
  • The tools and processes by which a CFO may manage risk, including taxes, the enterprise risk management process, and strategies for transferring risk
  • Performance evaluation and the fundamentals of the capital budgeting process
  • Traditional cost accounting topics of product costing and strategic cost management