The $10 Million Portfolio

The $10 Million Portfolio is an asset-trading service designed to break all boundaries. Recommendations in this system represent a great deal of different types of asset classes, diving into analyses of domestic and foreign stocks, royalty trusts, warrants, collateralized debt obligations, crypto coins, and more. Finding gems in the rough is no simple task, but with the collaboration of the best analysts in the industry, this service will deliver assets with the most gain potential. Ultimately, The $10 Million Portfolio will make you realize that the biggest trading secret is to go beyond international barriers in search of the greatest opportunities.


Trade Alerts

Each month, Paul Mampilly will fire off a detailed email with a brand-new investment dossier. The email will lay out complete information on one new potential homerun stock. He’ll break down how it fits the parameters of his GAP strategy, and he will reveal all of his research and why he expects it to be the best candidate to secure a massive four-digit or even five-digit gain in the years ahead.

Weekly Updates

Once a week, Paul and his team will record a brief audio market commentary that you can listen to. And if you would like, you can even read the transcript. Think of it like having a short conversation with Paul and his team on the phone as they update you on how the market is performing, how it could affect your wealth and what to expect in the near term.

24/7 Access to The $10 Million Portfolio Website

You will receive a login and password to our encrypted The $10 Million Portfolio website. This website holds every past issue, every past trade, every special report and every video and audio file that Paul and his team have put together.

The $10 Million Portfolio

This is one of the most important parts of your membership. As a member of The $10 Million Portfolio, you will see ALL of Paul’s   recommendations — every stock he has a buy rating on at that moment for the best chance at making a 1,000%, 5,000% or even 15,000% in the years ahead. Altogether, access to this model Portfolio alone could run into tens of thousands in value — but you get unlimited access to it.

The $10 Million Portfolio Trading Manual

This is your road map. It’s specific instructions on how you can hit the ground running using this service — it will walk you through any logistics that need to be handled. I suggest reading this first before you dig into anything else.

The $10 Million Windfall Trader

This confidential investment dossier will reveal Paul’s five best stocks to own right now. If everything falls into place, Paul expects each of these five stocks to hand readers gains as high as 1,000%, 5,000%, and even 15,000% in the years ahead. This report includes the ground floor opportunity that Paul has been watching for over TEN YEARS, waiting for this exact, opportune moment to buy in. His estimates show it could quickly rocket an extraordinary 50-fold, and that’s just one of the five windfalls he breaks down in detail in this report.

A Dedicated Customer Service Team

We have a team of well-trained and educated customer service representatives who can help you with any questions you might have about your membership. You’ll receive your customer care hotline number after you place your risk-free order.