SED's Economic Advisory Service

Full Name
Strategic Economics Decisions Advisory Service

SED's Economic Advisory Service is a commended research service that is delivered to subscribers on an annual basis. With periodic profile reports as its core product, SED equips clients with the inferential advantage that is so central to the firm’s entire research philosophy. This research service is primarily directed to high net worth individuals, hedge funds, pension funds, endowments, family offices, mutual funds, private equity groups, and investment banks.

SED's Economic Advisory Service features:

1. Periodic PROFILE Reports: These publications are emailed to clients typically six times per year. In these essays, SED analyzes topical investment issues in some depth.

2. On-site Personal Visits: Dr. Brock does on-site visits during his scheduled trips around the world. The visits consist of in-house staff presentations, board meeting addresses, and client conferences.

3. Online Access to SED's e-Library: Each client is given access to SED's secure e-Library, which contains all the research essays SED has published during the past two decades.

4. Online Access to "Good Listens": Some topics are best dealt with via live "On-Demand" lectures, equipped with arresting graphical aids.