Rapid Profit Trader

Paul Mampilly introduces a simple-to-execute strategy to effectively spot a good buy in the market. This system tells you exactly when to target the hottest stocks in the market during its peak. In accordance with an established trading criteria, this premium service will pick an option and recommend the one that will be a definite super-charge in your profits. All these gains with just harnessing this high speed, big gains Rapid Profit Trader.


Trade Alerts

Every week, Paul and his partner, Ian Dyer, will fire off a brand-new trade recommendation. Each of these recommendations will include complete details on the stock, the reason and math behind the decision to invest, and the exact instructions on how to execute the option’s trade (it’s as easy as buying a regular stock). Each of the investment recommendations you receive is selected and researched for one goal — to give you the absolute best chance at doubling, tripling or quadrupling every dollar you invest, ultimately turning every $5,000 into as much as $321,557.

Weekly Updates

Once a week, you will receive an update on where the Rapid Profit Trader model portfolio stands, how the market is affecting positions, what to expect from open trades, or maybe even just a quick SELL for you to take profits on an investment that shot up even faster than expected. 

24/7 Access to the Rapid Profit Trader Website

You will receive a login and password to our encrypted Rapid Profit Trader website. This website holds every past issue, every past trade, every special report and every video that Paul and his team have put together.

The Rapid Profit Trader Model Portfolio

This is one of the most important parts of your membership. As a member of Rapid Profit Trader, you will see ALL of Paul's recommendations — every trade he has a buy rating on at that moment for the best chance to grow your money at lightning speed. Altogether, access to this model portfolio alone could run into tens of thousands in value — but you get unlimited access to it.

The Rapid Profit Blueprint

This is your road map. It’s specific instructions on how you can hit the ground running using this service — it will walk you through any logistics that need to be handled. It’ll lay out, in exact words, how this technology works so you will see the precise methodology behind each and every recommendation. We recommend you read this immediately when you confirm your membership.

Options 101 Guide

Our acclaimed options “how-to” has been helping investors navigate the confusing waters of options trading for years. In this guide, the entire market is demystified. We reveal how modern brokerage accounts make trading options virtually just as easy as buying and selling simple stocks. This will forever change how you view trading, and it’s yours, free.

$200,000 Guarantee

Easily the boldest promise in our firm’s almost 20-year history. Over the next year, Paul guarantees his track record will give you the chance to turn $5,000 in each of his plays into a total of $200,000. And if you follow him exactly and things play out the way his research indicates, the same $5,000 could soar to as much as $321,557. But either way, you’re $200,000 guarantee means that if you fall even a dollar short, just contact our team and Paul will give you a second year of Rapid Profit Trader absolutely free of charge.

A Dedicated Customer Service Team

We have a team of well-trained and educated customer service representatives who can help you with any questions you might have about your membership. You’ll receive your customer care hotline number after you place your risk-free order.