Macro Insiders

Macro Insiders brings you a level of elite macro analysis that was previously only available to large banks, hedge funds, and family offices. With this premium service, you will be able to crack the current system which restricts access to premium macro analysis to all but the biggest and wealthiest investors. Macro Insiders helps you understand the jigsaw puzzle of how all asset prices, all markets and all economies are interrelated.

Macro Insiders is part of Real Vision’s Pro membership.  What does it mean to be a Pro?  It means you get everything you need to navigate the markets - in choppy times and smooth.

As a Real Vision Pro member you get:

  • Macro Insiders - Julian Brigden and Raoul Pal’s global macro intelligence service, which includes monthly in-dept research reports from Julian and Raoul. a monthly video discussion, and More.
  • Flash video /  written updates throughout the month when market are moving
  • Detailed tracking on trade recommendations
  • Quarterly “Ask Me Anything” calls with Raoul and Julian
  • Quarterly strategy call with analysts, fund managers and other experts

And you get everything else Real Vision has to offer, including: 

  • Access to Real Vision weekly series including the Interview, Expert View and Investment Ideas
  • Weekly live interviews going deeper into events that matter now
  • Input on live Q&As and what our guests discuss
  • Regular written reports on key themes discussed 
  • And lots more… One full year of access to Real Vision Pro for just $3,499