Investment Fables

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Investment Fables: Exposing the Myths of "Can't Miss" Investment Strategies

Investment Fables runs the numbers on 13 of today's most widely touted strategies. This indispensable guide objectively answers the questions your broker can't answer. Has it worked over the long term? Over the short term? If it made sense once, does it still make sense? Are the promised benefits a statistical mirage? Could it work, as one part of your investment strategy? What are the downsides–and how can you mitigate them? Investment Fables contains everything you need to make smarter investment decisions.

Investment Fables shares the truth about 13 of today's most widely touted investment strategies

  • 10 powerful lessons for every investor

  • Overcoming the enduring myths about markets

  • High dividend stocks: better and safer than bonds - or not?

  • Cheap stocks: cheap for a reason?

  • Should you invest in quality? Momentum? The next big thing? Or what?

Ten Lessons for Investors

  • Lesson 1: The more things change, the more they stay the same

  • Lesson 2: If you want guarantees, don't invest in stocks

  • Lesson 3: No pain, no gain

  • Lesson 4: Remember the fundamentals

  • Lesson 5: Most stocks that look cheap are cheap for a reason

  • Lesson 6: Everything has a price

  • Lesson 7: Numbers can be deceptive

  • Lesson 8: Respect the market

  • Lesson 9: Know yourself

  • Lesson 10: Luck overwhelms skill (at least in the short term)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. High Dividend Stocks: Bonds with Price Appreciation?

  3. This Stock Is So Cheap! the Low Price-Earnings Story

  4. Less Than Book Value? What A Bargain!

  5. Stable Earnings, Better Investment?

  6. In Search of Excellence: Are Good Companies Good Investments?

  7. Grow, Baby, Grow!: The Growth Story

  8. The Worst is Behind You: The Contrarian Story

  9. The Next Big Thing: New Businesses and Young Companies

  10. Mergers and Returns: The Acquisitive Company

  11. A Sure Thing: No Risk and Sure Profits

  12. It's All Upside: The Momentum Story

  13. Follow the Experts

  14. In the Long Term … Myths about Markets

  15. Ten Lessons for Investors