Hybrid Securities

Full Name
Hybrid Securities: Structuring, Pricing and Risk Assessment

Hybrid Securities is a book that provides a comprehensive analysis of hybrid capital securities, from mathematical, legal and financial perspectives to financial instruments used to possibly resolve hybrid pricing models. This book presents an analysis of regulatory regimes’ impact on hybrids, and proposes a model for the pricing of hybrids. The author also explains the basic characteristics and concepts of preference shares, convertible bonds, contingent convertibles (CoCos) and bail-in bonds. The book also exposes the lengths of flexibility from investing in hybrids – from providing protection to senior creditors to long-term funding for healthy companies.

Hybrid Securities: Structuring, Pricing, and Risk Assessment Contents:

  1. The Definition of Hybrid Securities
  2. Evolution of Hybrids
  3. Legal Framework for Financial Hybrids in the Banking Industry
  4. CRD IV/CRR Package Legal Framework
  5. CRR Additional Tier 1 Financial Instruments
  6. CRR Tier 2 Bonds
  7. The Role of Hybrid Securities in the BRRD
  8. Hybrid Securities Issued by Insurers
  9. Corporate Hybrids
  10. Issuance of Hybrids
  11. Public Offering and Admission to Trading
  12. Regular and Timely On-going Disclosure 86
  13. Financial Intermediation
  14. Non-EEA CoCos
  15. Bonds Credit Risk Modeling
  16. Contingent Convertible Bonds Pricing
  17. Structural Model for Corporate Hybrid Valuation
  18. Hybrid Securities' Impact on Risk