Good Intentions Corrupted

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Good Intentions Corrupted: The Oil for Food Scandal And the Threat to the U.N.

Despite its good intentions, mismanagement and corruption plagued the UN’s Oil-for-Food Program. More than 2,200 companies paid 1.8 billion in illegal surcharges and kickbacks to the Iraqi regime The UN Security Council stood by as the Iraqi regime outright smuggled about 8.4 billion of oil during the Program years in violation of UN sanctions. The Iraqi regime provided Benon Sevan, with rights to buy more than 7 million barrels of oil UN-related humanitarian agencies collected tens of millions of dollars for costs they never incurred. The whole story has never been told in one place until Good Intentions Corrupted.


  1. Destined for Corruption: The Creation of the UN Oil-for-Food Program

  2. Politics and Perfidy in Procurement: The UN's Selection of Banking and Inspection Contractors

  3. Son of the Secretary-General: Family Ties and a New Inspection Company

  4. Saddam's Slush Fund: Oil Allocations and Surcharges

  5. Kickbacks-for-Contracts: Iraq's Collection of Kickbacks on Humanitarian Contracts

  6. Stumbling in the Security Council: The Failure to Redress Program Abuses

  7. "The Story Will Quickly Turn Negative": Maladministration and Corruption at the UN