Free Markets and Social Justice


Free Markets and Social Justice is an important book that presents a new conception of the relationship between free markets and social justice. The work begins with the appropriate role of existing preferences, the importance of social norms, the question of whether human goods are commensurable, and issues of distributional equity. The book concludes with a discussion on regulation, developing approaches that would promote both economic and democratic goals, especially in the context of risks to life and health.

Praise for Free Markets and Social Justice

"This is an excellent book. Sunstein is one of the leading legal scholars of his generation and this is an extremely timely subject, particularly in this era of regulatory embattlement."

Carol Rose, Yale Law School

"Sunstein's stature among legal scholars is tremendous. His previous books have reflected an admixture of pathbreaking, provocative scholarship on many key law and policy debates today. Free Markets and Social Justice represents a valuable and important contribution to Sunstein's impressive oeuvre."

— Daniel B. Rodriguez, University of California School of Law, Berkeley

"Sunstein is a man of many ideas, and this book is a splendid introduction to them."

Bruce Ackerman, Yale Law School

"This is a thought-provoking and important contribution to current public policy debate. Highly recommended for libraries at all levels."