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Rickards' Crypto Profits

Rickards’ Crypto Profits is a high-end newsletter with monthly cryptocurrency trading recommendations aiming to give you insider knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry. Jim Rickards utilizes his C.O.I.N.N. system to find the safest cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency technology investments. He claims that IBM is working on the mysterious $0.70 cryptocurrency, and the big 5 accounting firm Deloitte has implemented this $0.70 coin for internal transactions and witnessed a 40% reduction in costs as well. If you are a lifetime member of Currency Wars Alert, you already have access to this publication. When you purchase your Rickards’ Crypto Profits subscription, you’ll receive access to a report called, “The $0.70 Crypto That Could Make You Rich in 2018.”

Jim Rickards' COINN Checklist includes:

  • Consensus: Users can decide whom to trust organically without being forced to trust miners (like with bitcoin).

  • Open Source: The currency is open source because it’s controlled by an open community as opposed to a closed corporation, government, or organization.

  • Impenetrable: The coin cannot be hijacked with 51% attacks, gatekeeper attacks, Sybil attacks, 

and other well-known blockchain-based attack vectors.

  • No-Nonsense Governance: Jim doesn’t like “clunky” PoW and PoS coins like bitcoin and Ether because it leads to an inefficient governance structure.

  • Nimble: The coin offers fast, easy, cheap payments with short validation times.

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