Contract Income Alert

Contract Income Alert is a monthly financial advisory that recommends the purchase of individual corporate bonds, often high yield junk bonds. This newsletter is designed to take advantage of special income opportunities that are very different from conventional Wall Street “buy and hope” strategies. Zach Schiedt shares that buying corporate bonds at a discount is an excellent way to capture double-digit yields, and at the same time, these bonds serve as legal contracts, requiring companies to pay back with interest. When you own a corporate bond, the issuing corporation literally owes you a debt that – by law – must be repaid, with interest.

  • Editor Zach Scheidt is on a mission to find bonds at discount prices, so you can double your money in five years or less.
  • This publication finds bonds that can be bought for 90 cents, 70 cents on the dollar, 60 cents on the dollar, or sometimes even below 50 cents on the dollar.
  • Best of all, at Contract Income Alert, they only buy bonds when it can be purchased at a discounted price.