Conquer the Crash 2020

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Conquer the Crash 2020: You Can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression

Conquer the Crash 2020 is a practical guide to thriving in a bear market. This massive New York Times bestseller recommended safety in the early years of what turned out to be the worst decade for stocks on record. This 2020 edition recognizes the same type of warning signs in place as before, but bigger. Learn practical steps now for achieving maximum financial safety and for taking maximum advantage of unique bear market opportunities.

"Conquer the Crash with This Important Book: All of the analysis and insight from the original edition is included in the new second edition. But Prechter has added 188 pages of entirely new material, and every one of the Book's pages is worth reading and re-reading, even if your copy of the original edition is coffee-stained and dog-eared."
Tim Bost, Financial Cycles Newsletter

"Prechter's advice for most investors, as described in the recently released second edition of his book [Conquer the Crash], is fairly simple: Play it Safe…Patience is a Virtue…Return of Capital Is Key."
Aaron Task, Yahoo Finance