Chairman's Club

The Chairman’s Club is a premium service that gives subscribers immediate access to many unique benefits in addition to all of TheStreet’s subscription services. Not just that but you will also get future subscription to everything TheStreet launches for individual investors. That's an unmatched amount of stock picks, strategies, and tactics from Jim Cramer, Doug Kass, and the whole of Wall Street researchers and analysts. With the perfect mix of solid long-term financial superstars, Chairman's Club is the perfect service for the serious investor.


Live Web Stream with Jim

Quarterly, Jim Cramer hosts an hour-long discussion of the markets and answer your questions, streamed live on the web.

A private, personal link to reach Jim

The moment you join you will be given a direct-access email address reserved exclusively for Chairman's Club members. Your questions and concerns will go directly to Jim and his research team.

Monthly Speaker Series

Chairman's Club members get invited to a monthly speaker series with TheStreet's portfolio managers and senior analysts. Join us each month in-person on Wall Street, or watch the events via video stream.

Concierge Service

You'll get a private Chairman's Club concierge to help you understand our various premium services and get the most from your membership.

All Future Newsletters

Anytime TheStreet launches a new subcription newsletter for individual investors, you'll get it at no extra charge (so long as you're a subscriber).

TheStreet Premium App

Get full access to all of our premium services through TheStreet Premium App — completely FREE with your membership.

You'll receive instant access to all the powerful resources and premium services TheStreet has to offer including:

Action Alerts PLUS

See Where Jim Cramer Puts His Own Money. Get access to every holding in Jim's multi-million dollar charitable trust portfolio and be sent email alerts BEFORE every buy and sell, plus in-depth analysis of major trends impacting the markets.

Stocks Under $10

Discover High-Quality, Low-Dollar Stocks with 50%-100% Upside Potential. The SU10 Team applies eagle-eye fundamental analysis, management assessment and technical analysis to uncover small company stocks with explosive upside potential that are flying under Wall Street's radar.

TheStreet Quant Ratings

Buy this, Sell That. Get the Objective View. TheStreet's proprietary algorithmic and quantitative model takes emotion out of the equation by analyzing 4,300 stocks daily on 32 different data factors, sifting through income statements, cash flow data, balance sheet metrics, valuation, volatility and much more. TheStreet Quant Ratings will put your portfolio through the kind of tough scrutiny that it must pass to succeed.

Top Stocks

Get on-the-money charts and stock recommendations from one of the world's best technicians — Helene Meisler.

Trifecta Stocks

Get the top 1% of all the stocks available on U.S. stock exchanges. Every Trifecta Stocks recommendation goes through THREE layers of intense scrutiny—quantitative, fundamental and technical analysis—to maximize profit potential and minimize risk of loss

Real Money

Jim Cramer missed the trading floor so much that he created a better one at Real Money. If you want to interact with investment pros with Real Money on the line, and get great trading ideas, experienced viewpoints, enthusiasm and camaraderie, then Real Money is for you!

Real Money Pro

Built for the advanced trader, Real Money Pro takes all the investment ideas and interactions on Real Money, and adds legendary hedge fund manager Doug Kass' daily diary and best ideas, as well as actionable trading ideas from even more Wall Street professionals. Real Money Pro is a professional service built specifically for active traders.