A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs


A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs shows how the insights of leading venture capitalists can teach readers to create a unique approach to building a successful business. Entrepreneurs have always experimented when creating or altering a business. What is different today is the existence of modern tools and systems that allow experiments to be conducted more cheaply and rapidly than ever before. A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs shows that listening to what the best venture capitalists have to say is invaluable for entrepreneurs. Their experiences, if studied carefully, teach bedrock methods and guiding principles for approaching business.

Praise for A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs

"When I first came to Silicon Valley, I was struck by how much people teach and learn from one another. In this book, Tren continues that spirit by sharing his own learning from others―and explains how investment judgments and decisions are made in the world of tech start-ups."

— Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape and Andreessen Horowitz

"As an entrepreneur and investor, I have long enjoyed Tren’s famous ‘Twelve Lessons” posts over the years. Tren captures invaluable wisdom on entrepreneurship from every angle. Tren does not proclaim to have the ‘right answers,’ nor does he subscribe to a plan for the unforeseeable. Instead, he captures and analyzes the gems from a long list of enterprising minds that break new ground in their respective fields."

— Scott Belsky

"The book is among a select few to categorize the key learnings of leading VCs."

— Chris Goulakos

"This perceptive guide captures instrumental advice that serious entrepreneurs would do well to adapt."

— Publishers Weekly

"This book is a treasure trove of wisdom that delivers a blueprint across the entrepreneurial spectrum."

— Booklist

"The book is a testimony to the power of open startup ecosystems, where entrepreneurs and investors reinforce each other’s learnings and experiences."

— YourStory