Todd Rampe

Todd Rampe

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Todd Rampe is a professional day trading expert with over 20 years of experience as a trader and educator. He is the founder of Wealth Builders Institute where he uses Triple Sync Software - his proprietary software that allows his students to spot Market Reversals, which are widely considered to be the single best time to enter a trade. His Triple Sync Software has been consistently optimized through 2 decades to teach virtually anyone how to utilize this tool, regardless of experience. Todd is one of the very few trading educators that actually trades his own account using the exact method he teaches both new and experienced traders. He built Wealth Builders Institute to ensure that anyone who wants to learn to trade effectively will have the best possible tools and knowledge at their disposal.

Todd Rampe’s Triple Sync Logic:

  • Tried-and-tested for over 21 years

  • Uses three simple, specific rules

  • Helps make rational and logical trading decisions

  • Gives you a 75% average win rate