Tarric Brooker

Tarric Brooker

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Tarric Brooker is a freelance journalist and political commentator covering politics, global affairs, and economics. With the belief that both sides of the political spectrum have something to contribute to our society, Brooker attempts to walk a journalistic fine line where both sides are given a fair hearing and the facts ultimately do the talking. He serves as a contributor at, where he provides readers with an insight into all manner of subjects, from the geopolitical realities of a rising China to the driving forces behind house prices. He started his journalism career covering US politics for the American press.


  • Brooker's work has been published on 4 different continents and been featured in media outlets across the English-speaking world.

  • He has been featured in The Washington DC Examiner, The Spectator, and The Sydney Morning Herald.

  • His work has been featured in several publications including the Western Journal and the American Thinker.