Sam Kessler

Sam Kessler

Formal First Name

Sam Kessler is a reporter at CoinDesk, the most influential trusted platform for the emerging crypto economy, where he focuses on technology, decentralized finance, and DAOs. Prior to joining CoinDesk in 2022, he was a Product Manager for Google, where he was involved in Google Maps and YouTube Associate. Sam previously directed the Harvard Political Review and has a background in the computer science and and and and and and and technology industry. He owns ETH, BTC and MATIC.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Sam was President of the Harvard Political Review, where he led a 35-person team to publish political analysis and commentary across different media.

  • Sam was an Associate Product Management Intern at Google, where he built and improved media-related features across Google Search.

  • He was a Product Intern at The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer at CNN, where he contributed research to articles and primetime TV segments.