Rudy Martin

Rudy Martin

Formal First Name

Rudy Martin is an agile, veteran Data Science professional with over 10 years of extensive experience with databases, research methodologies, big data and visualizations. He is a consultant with vast knowledge in technology, communications and finance. Rudy also has 25 years of investment research background having worked with Fidelity Investments, Lincoln National, Dean Witter Reynolds and Transamerica Investments. In addition to this, he frequently speaks about financial markets and global equity investing, while also being featured in numerous publications and online media outlets.

Professional Experience

Academic History

Rudy Martin's Licenses & Certifications

  • SQL for Business Users, Teradata
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Coursera
  • Data Science Specialization, Coursera
  • Data Science Capstone, Coursera
  • Practical Machine Learning, Coursera
  • Reproducible Research, Coursera
  • Regression Models, Coursera
  • Statistical Inference, Coursera
  • Exploratory Data Analysis, Coursera
  • Getting and Cleaning Data, Coursera
  • R Programming, Coursera
  • The Data Scientist's Toolbox, Coursera