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Robin Fink

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Robin Fink, a 25-year Wall Street veteran, is a creative, entrepreneurial investment professional that brings a record of developing exceptional networks that translate into rapid-growth, despite market cycles. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Taku Partners, a boutique advisory firm that leads business start-ups and alternative managers in the art and science of capital raise campaigns. In his role, Robin connects and forms relationships with a variety of technology verticals including startups in Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, AI, Cloud, Saas, and Biotech to Blockchain. Prior to founding Taku, Robin was Vice President and Head of West Coast Sales at Jefferies, a 2007 prime brokerage start-up inside a global investment bank. Today, Robin Fink’s focus is on emerging business and alternative funds.

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  • As the Founder and CEO of Taku Partners, Robin also connected clients with investment channels, through his personal institutional investor network cultivated over more than 20 years.

  • He introduced the unique subscription and redemption product Reflow to the Board of Directors of the 40 Act Mutual Fund Community at the family office of Gordon Getty.

  • He began his career at Montgomery Securities and then Bank of America Securities as an Institutional Equity Salesman.

  • Before he began his Wall Street career, Robin was the Head of Sales, Marketing, and Manufacturing design at a prescription medical device company in the Bay Area.

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