Rob Massey

Rob Massey

Formal First Name
Robert (Rob)

Rob Massey is a Partner and Global Tax Leader of the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency group at Deloitte, and also the Founding Member of Deloitte’s blockchain practice. Rob actively collaborates with other Deloitte blockchain leaders to bring comprehensive services to the industry, and leads Deloitte's blockchain efforts in tax for the global firm. He is responsible for advising some of the largest ICOs, token issuances, exchanges, consortia and regulators, and serves a variety of client types throughout the ecosystem on tax matters including corporate and transaction structuring, compensation analysis, and tax compliance. Rob is one of the most influential people in blockchain, having over 20 years of professional experience in tax consulting for tech companies including search, SaaS and gaming with an expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency and tokenization. His expertise spans the comprehensive tax considerations of blockchain-enabled transactions and the analysis of the tax impacts of digital asset transactions across various business models and industries.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Analysis of the tax considerations of blockchain enabled transactions including foreign/state sourcing, transaction taxes, and withholding taxes

  • Assisting internal and external development teams in the evaluation of blockchain applications across various industries

  • Analysis of the tax impacts of tokenization and token launches as developed across various business models and industries

  • Leading Deloitte’s development team in a proprietary blockchain solution


  • Developing tax positions and interfacing with US treasury in seeking private letter rulings on accounting methods associated with crypto transactions

  • Design and implementation of international structures having offshore mining activities, processing services, protocol development, manufacturing activities, wallets and token launches

  • Analysis and implementation of accounting methods associated with revenue recognition, basis tracking and capitalization policies

  • Transaction taxes as they relate to cryptocurrency sales, token transactions, payment processing services, chip sales and exchanges

  • Reporting requirements as they relate to use of cryptocurrency and tokens as compensation to employees and contractors in the US and abroad

  • Analysis of unique financial instruments used by market makers, financial institutions, and exchanges

  • Modeling funds flows and measuring tax impact associated with flows of tokens, cryptocurrency and fiat currency throughout international structures