Renè Aninao

Renè Aninao

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Renè Aninao is a global macro strategist, policy expert, and Managing Partner of CORBŪ, a research intelligence and advisory platform at the intersection of trade, monetary policy, and markets. Prior to founding CORBŪ, Renè was a Managing Director at Evercore ISI, a global independent investment banking advisory firm, where he served as the firm’s macro specialist, advising clients in the financial and official sectors. Previously, he was a Director of Global Markets at Eurasia Group, a geopolitical advisory firm. Renè publishes a widely-read commentary.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • CORBŪ is a macroeconomic think tank that operates at the nexus of financial markets, public policy, and national security.

  • It is a macro-intelligence firm that specializes in geopolitics and foreign policy, among others.


  • Renè spent nearly a decade at Evercore ISI working alongside a past federal reserve governor.

  • He was a Director at Macroeconomic Advisers, where he worked closely with former Federal Reserve Board governor Larry Meyer.

  • He began his career in the state of Texas at Shell Oil Products US and Citigroup Global Markets.


  • Renè is a frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences.

  • He was a keynote speaker at the Bonds, Loans & Sukuk 24 2020.

  • He appeared as a guest at the 2020 Maulding Strategic Investment Conference.