Peng Zhong

Peng Zhong

Formal First Name

Peng Zhong is Chief Executive Officer and President at Tendermint, a software development company working on the Cosmos Network. He aims to significantly increase blockchain adoption through better usability design. He seeks to transform advanced technology into mundane things that everyone can use. With a background in interaction design and front-end engineering, Zhong focuses on guiding blockchain technology across the chasm to the mainstream. He also advises founders on building sustainable blockchain businesses.

Professional Experience


  • Zhong joined Tendermint as its first employee in 2015.
  • His deep understanding of the Cosmos ecosystem and its value proposition stems from spearheading the digital presence and brand of Cosmos and Tendermint.
  • He built the first Cosmos wallet, Voyager (now known as Lunie).
  • He leads the company‚Äôs focus on improving the Cosmos developer experience.
  • He mentors an outstanding team that builds applications that improve the usability, accessibility, and safety of blockchain for developers and end-users.