Meghan Shue

Meghan Shue

Formal First Name

Meghan Shue is the Head of Investment Strategy and Portfolio Construction at Wilmington Trust, a full-service bank based in Wilmington, Delaware. In this role, she helps manage the end-to-end asset allocation process, developing market research, and communicating market outlook and positioning. Shue also oversees the portfolio construction process at Wilmington, including the implementation of asset class views through various proprietary, non-proprietary, passive, active, and factor-based solutions.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • At Bessemer Trust:
    • Led macroeconomic and strategy research to inform asset allocation and wealth management decisions for high-net-worth clients.
    • Published monthly presentations and white papers on the firm’s economic positioning.
    • Produced customized reports for clients and prospects and daily market analysis updates for the account management team.
    • Collaborated closely with tax, legacy planning, and investment groups.
  • At Integra LifeSciences:
    • Designed and implemented the automation of a statistical Sales Forecasting Model to more accurately predict quarter-end revenues.
    • Supported M&A activity, participated in investor target acquisition meetings, and prepared balance sheets and accounting forms for acquisitions.
  • At Goldman Sachs:
    • Part of the team that advanced the launch of the Goldman Sachs Asset Management institutional public website.
    • Conducted competitive analysis and wrote original content for the Institutional Portal and Investment Catalog.



  • Shue is a regular CNBC contributor.
  • She is frequently cited in financial media communicating economic and market views.