Marty Bent

Marty Bent

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Marty Bent is a Bitcoin media personality and the Founder of, a media company that focuses on Bitcoin, beauty, and freedom in the digital age. Marty is the founder and host of the TFTC: A Bitcoin podcast, a podcast that leverages more decentralized content distribution mediums and injects Bitcoin into everything we do. At the TFTC podcast, Marty and his guests cover a wide range of topics including technical Bitcoin development, economics, liberty, and everything in between. In addition, Marty is a venture partner at Ten31, a Bitcoin-only venture fund focused on investing in infrastructure that will bring bitcoin to the masses. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Fortress Technologies, a Bitcoin company that develops and operates world-class bitcoin mining infrastructure. Previously, he served as the Director of Business Development at Great American Mining.

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  • A daily newsletter that highlights signals in Bitcoin.

  • Features over 1,000 issues highlighting signal in Bitcoin

  • Features musings on macroeconomics and liberty in the digital age

  • Marty leverages his daily immersion in the Bitcoin space to bring readers the latest knowledge and insight they need


  • An independent production with over 300 episodes exploring Bitcoin from all angles

  • Marty and his guests discuss anything and everything related to the accelerating world we live in