Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts

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Mark Roberts is the Founder and Director of Research at Off Wall Street, an independent investment research boutique specializing in short-sale recommendations for hedge fund managers and analysts. OWS publishes profitable, actionable, and exceptionally thorough ideas at a cost effective price. The firm produces business model productivity analysis based strictly on its own findings, and delivers quality of earnings analysis, income statement, and balance sheet analysis. Mark is one of the hedge fund industry’s most enduring sources of short-selling ideas. His notable recommendations include the Enron sell report, which received praise at the Senate Enron hearings, particularly from Senators Joseph Lieberman and Barbara Boxer.

Professional Experience

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The Off Wall Street Track Record

  • Batting average of 0.786 from 1993 to 2013, translating to nearly 80% of gains

  • Since 1993, OWS has closed out 449 positions, with 353 winners and just 96 losers

  • Since 1995, OWS has outperformed both of its benchmarks, S&P 500 Index Short and a Russell 2000 Index short

  • OWS reports quarterly performance in substantial detail, including absolute and relative performance of the OWS model portfolios and batting average