Mark Ritchie II

Mark Ritchie II

Formal First Name

Mark Ritchie II is an experienced growth trader, investor, and portfolio manager. Mark is the Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at RTM Capital Advisors, a professional asset management firm that actively manages a range of public U.S. equity investment strategies. In his role, he is the architect for the firm’s investment philosophy, overseeing and implementing the overall investment policy, risk management and allocation decisions for all RTM strategy decisions. Mark made a name for himself when he won Mark Minervini’s Triple Digit Stock Challenge back in 2010 by achieving triple digit returns in less than six months. His long history of trading success in a managed private pool has led to him being featured as a “Super Trader” in the book titled “Momentum Masters.”


  • Since winning Mark Minervini’s Triple Digit Stock Challenge, his total returns are over 1,000%.

  • From 2010 to 2014, he’s grown his managed funds tenfold from its initial amount, consistently compounding his portfolio year-in-year-out

  • He was officially invited to be one of the 4 Momentum Masters arranged by Mark Minervini’s roundtable interview.


  • Mark has been profiled on RealVision TV.

  • He has appeared as a guest on RealVision multiple times.

  • Mark was one of the lead speakers for the Investagrams traders Summit in Singapore.