Kim Kiyosaki

Kim Kiyosaki

Formal First Name

Kim Kiyosaki is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Rich Dad Company, a brand she established with her husband Robert Kiyosaki. She is an entrepreneur and real estate investor who controls millions of dollars of investment property. A known champion and educator of financial education, Kiyosaki teaches women how to achieve financial freedom through investing and taking control of their financial futures. She is also a renowned speaker and author who serves as an inspiration for women all over the world, hailed one of the self-made millionaire women in the world.

Professional Experience


  • Kiyosaki left her home in Oregon and moved to Hawaii to attend college.
  • She discovered that she did not excel as an employee while working at an advertising agency in Honolulu; she was actually fired twice.
  • She met her husband-to-be, Robert Kiyosaki, in 1984.
  • Robert and his friends were all entrepreneurs of various businesses and they all encouraged and supported her in becoming an entrepreneur.
  • She had her first business in 1984. From there, she and Robert went on to build several businesses.
  • She began investing in 1989 in Portland, Oregon; real estate is her investment of choice.


  • Using the same formula as her first rental property, Kim and Robert have thousands of rental properties, including hotels, golf courses, commercial properties, and other business investments.
  • Along with her team of advisors and successful women, Kim travels around the world teaching and empowering women to be financially independent.
  • Her interviews can be heard or seen via television, the Internet, radio, and in printed publications globally.